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Japanese Soldiers During WW2: In Pictures

A Japanese soldier tosses a grenade during the Battle of Guadalcanal, 1942

Japanese soldiers with a captured Soviet soldier at Khalhkin Gol, 1939. Zhukov gave the Japanese a thrashing finally in tha battle

Japanese soldiers with a broken Maxim machine gun in 1939. Battle of Khalkhin Gol.

Captain Kitajima of Japanese aircraft carrier 'Kaga' briefing pilots before the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941.

A grim Japanese soldier escorts American POW in the Bataan peninsula, Philippines, 1942

American powwith their Japanese captors, Bataan, Philippines. 1942

Japanese brutality: American POW killed by Japanese soldiers: Battle of Philippines 1941-42

Japanese soldiers in action. Time, location unknown.

They were human after all. Wounded Japanese soldiers enjoy the company of nurses at a military hospital

Reporting to the commander

Japanese amphibious "Type 2" tanks at Saipan

Wounded Japanese POW at Kwajalein Atoll, Marshall Islands, 1944, with American soldiers

July 18, 1942. Raising the Japanese flag at the Aleutian islands.

Using elephants in Burma, 1944

Soldiers celebrating the victory at Bataan, Philippines. 1942

Marines spring into an attack

Japanese marines watch the bombardment of Manila (Battle of Philippines, 1942-43)

Japanese infantrymen march to Hongkong

Kamikaze pilots before flying into their suicidal mission

Japanese army in Nanking. Many historians opine that WW2 began not in 1939 but in 1931 when Japan invaded Manchuria.

Japanese pilots in Burma horse around.

Japanese troops use a flame-thrower against an American position in Bataan, Philippines. 1942

A Japanese soldier disarms a British soldier as a Chinese civilian looks on in HongKong

Returning home after the surrender in August, 1945

American soldiers walk past a dead Japanese soldier at a Manila railway crossing. February 1945. 

Surrender of Japanese forces in Philippines. August, 1945

Japanese soldiers taken as prisoners during the Battle of Guadalcanal

The dogs of war unleashed. In action in Hong Kong

Americans surrender at Philippines. 1941-42

Emperor Hirohito at a parade of his army

A Japanese officer gives orders to his men. South China, 1939.

Okinawa: A Japanese POW drinks water as American soldiers watch

Japanese preparing to land in Malaya

Soldiers from the British Suffolk Regiment surrender at Singapore

Japanese POW in North Malaya


Japanese Soldiers WW2: A Pictorial


Suggested Reading

by Tsunetomo Yamamoto  (Author), Justine F. Stone (Editor), Minoru Tanaka (Translator)

 With Bushido, one can better put into perspective Japan’s historical path.


Tales by Japanese Soldiers
By John Nunneley, Kazao Tamayana, Kazuo Tamayana

Over 305,000 Japanese soldiers fought in Burma between 1942 and 1945; 180,000 of them died. This book, uniquely, tells how the common soldier of the Imperial Japanese Army lived, fought and died in that terrible conflict.

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On August 23rd 1942, 330,000 men of the German 6th Army smashed through Soviet defenses outside the city of Stalingrad. For 162 terrible days the Soviet defenders of Stalingrad make the Germans pay in blood with savage hand to hand combat in a maze of ruined factories, shops and apartment blocks. Outnumbered and outgunned the Red Army suffer appalling losses, but by clinging to their positions they draw the Germans into a trap from which there will be no escape. For the first time, extraordinary aerial reconnaissance photographs actually taken during the course of the battle are combined with the latest in computer technology to create a 3D model of the city. With archive film, dramatic re-enactments and powerful eye witness testimony, we tell the incredible story of the epic battle that turned the entire course of WWII.

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