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World War Two In Cartoons By DAVID LOW

 The unpredictable moods of Hitler. November 1939

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 November 25, 1939. Hitler always had his eyes on the east

October 21, 1939. Low foresaw that war would break out between Russia and Germany sooner or later

Norway attacked by Germany. Norway had been sending iron ore to Germany.

As Hitler's armies move through Belgium in 1940, the dead Germans of 1914-18 seem to advise it to stop

In October 1941, the German army had reached the outskirts of Moscow

 The mass killings in Russia

Hitler grew increasingly frustrated as things went from bad to worse in Russia. The German soldiers fought with extraordinary bravery, determination and ruthlessly, but Hitler was not satisfied. In his last days he vent his frustration on the Wehrmacht.
 The Battle Of Stalingrad. The German downfall began from here.

The Germans got a hiding at Stalingrad.

 The Eastern front was turning out to be a graveyard for the German soldiers

Hitler saved Mussolini though he was overthrown by the Italians.

The Red Army had entered Berlin.

The end was near for Nazi Germany.

WW2 Cartoons By Illingworth

Russian WW2 Cartoons by Boris Efimov


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