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World War Two In Cartoons By ILLINGWORTH

The following are cartoons by Leslie Gilbert Illingworth, the great British cartoonist, about the Second World War

The League Of Nations was in despair. As France and Britain were dealing with German aggression, Russia was picking on little Finland
Churchill warns that staying neutral is not going save little nations from Nazi aggression.
Same point
As Chamberlain and France look at a defeated Finland, Germany annexes Romania
Britain had some initial success in Norway but it was short-lived
Nations sat and watched as Finland bravely resisted big Russia. America did nothing
In 1940 and 1941 Germany and Italy started swallowing up the Balkan countries. Russia frowns.

As British soldiers battle the Nazi war machine British workers crank up production of arms

France could do little but capitulate as Paris fell. Roosevelt did not come to its aid.

France is forced into a humiliating surrender

The reasons why France lost in 1940

The British lion put paid to Hitler's plans to invade it by land

Britain battles Germany and Italy alone as America looks away. France has already fallen

Britain was going to fight

Hitler prepares to swallow Romania as a displeased Stalin looks on as he was not invited for the meal

 Hitler lost the Battle of Britain. The Luftwaffe lost too many planes

 Hitler ran into trouble when he tried to coerce Britain into submission with massive air bombing

General Franco the ruler of Spain, shrewdly remained neutral during WW2. Hitler ands Mussolini tried to get him to join their side but in vain.

In June, 1941 Germany attacked Russia. Just two years after it had signed the Non-Aggression Pact.

 The German army was ill prepared for the Russian winter in 1941

Meanwhile Japan was running amok in Asia in 1942

 Russia fights Germany in 1942. Britain is on Russia's side now

The Germans ran into trouble in North Africa in 1942

By September 1942 Germany and Japan were on a roll. But bad tidings awaited them soon. Stalingrad would happen

 Hitler was bleeding in Stalingrad
The Russians gave a bitter medicine of defeat in Stalingrad

 Hitler was really afraid for the first time. Of Russia. After Stalingrad.

Germany lost badly at the Battle Of Stalingrad

Stalin really gave Hitler a good 'spanking' at Stalingrad. The other Allies were preparing to give a further hiding.
 The dogs of war had turned against Hitler

Italy was torn between the Allies and Germany

 By early 1944 it was becoming very clear that Germany was going to lose

The myth of the invincibility of the Wehrmacht was broken

 In late 1944 the Russian bear was threatening to enter Hitler's house

This was after the unsuccessful attempt to assassinate Hitler in July 1944

 The Yalta conference was to decide what would happen in post-war period

By February 1945, The German army was facing a collapse

 In the last days of the Third Reich Goebbels rants and raves as the Russians come closer

The myth of Hitler was broken. He would die soon.

In August Japan too would surrender. The end of the Rome-Berlin-Tokyo Axis

Cartoon Source: llgc


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