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German Soldiers: Unseen Large Images From The Battle Of STALINGRAD

We have seen many pictures and videos of the battle of Stalingrad. But the thirst for more, perhaps, remains. And why not. The world had never seen and will never see such a violent, brutal battle again in the history of man. 

So here goes... I have culled some images of German soldiers (The pictures of the Russians are always too "propagandist") which I think are quite rare.

A city too far. Dead German soldier in 1943 near Stalingrad.

Panzer grenadiers of the 16th Panzer Division of the Wehrmacht who came to the bank of the Volga at Stalingrad. August 25, 1942

German soldiers at Stalingrad fire a 5 mm Pak 38 anti-tank gun

A German soldier rests at Stalingrad. 1942.


German soldiers in a trench with a MG 34 machine gun. October 1942.

Germans fire the 105 mm howitzer leFH 18 in the area of the grain elevator. September 1942

Germans with an anti-aircraft gun on the banks of the river Volga. September, 1942

General Karl Strecker of the German Sixth Army surrenders to the Russians. February 2, 1943.

Captured German soldiers under a Red Army guard on the Volga. 1942

Two German soldiers look on curiously as captured Soviet soldiers file past.
Stalingrad. September, 1942.

Commander of the 6th Army Genral Paulus with General Moritz von Drebber of the 297th Infantry division.  October 1942. Paulus' trouble were yet to begun.

German soldiers on the outskirts of Stalingrad. 1942

August 1942. German tanks approach Stalingrad.

German soldiers and officers drink water at Stalingrad. This was before the tide turned. Look at the confidence and aggression on the face of the soldier.

German soldiers wait in a Soviet dug trench and wait for orders to attack.

August 1942. Outskirts of Stalingrad. Germans take cover

Germans walk past burnt tram cars on the streets of Stalingrad

The Germans interred at Stalingrad

The German 24th Panzer Division moving towards Stalingrad. August, 1942

German infantrymen at the Red October factory

Hauptmann Friedrich Winkler at Stalingrad. He was one  of the 91,000 odd German soldiers who surrendered in 1943. He later died at the POW camp at Beketovka.

A German soldier cleans his rifle in a break between fighting. Autumn 1942.

Captured German soldiers in a pathetic state at Stalingrad. 1943.

Captured German motorcycles at Stalingrad. 1943.

Dead frozen German soldiers in a trench at Stalingrad. February 1943.

German soldiers at the grave of their fallen comrades at Stalingrad.

A captured German soldier. The desperate Germans had improvised to survive. Far cry from the proud, infallible warriors who had stepped into Russia in 1941.

1942. Germans prepare to attack in the outskirts of Stalingrad; take cover behind a Stug 3.
German soldiers watch as German guns pond Stalingrad. 1942.

A German sniper captured by Red Army men. The man's had it.
German Stuka Dive bombers about to bomb Stalingrad. 1942.

The end of Hitler's dream. A downed German plane in Stalingrad.


The Russians At Stalingrad: A Pictorial


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STALINGRAD: The Fateful Siege by Antony Beevor

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