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Some Random, Rare Large Pictures From WW2


A Waffen SS NCO with a sniper somewhere on the Eastern Front during the Second World War
Waffen SS soldiers dig out a Soviet sniper on the Eastern Front. 1942

Men of the 5th SS "Viking" Division manoeuvre a Panther tank over a wooden bridge. Location: Somewhere in the Eastern Front. Time: Unknown.

Trying to make a living in difficult times. A Russian boys cleans the boots of German soldiers at a Russian railway station. 1943.


Fighting a losing war. 1944. Ukraine. German paratroopers take a break between fighting.

January 1943. The Don Front. This German is the lone survivor of an entire division. CThe fighting was intense on the Don. The Sixth Army was encircled at Stalingrad. The Red Army wanted to reach Rostov and cut off the escaping Germans from the Caucasus.

1942. A station near Budapest. Hungarian soldiers leaving for the Eastern Front.

Somewhere on the Eastern Front. German soldiers ready to fire a 20 mm Flak gun on the edge of a corn field. In the background lies a 37 mm PaK 35/36 gun.

September 23, 1944. Operation Market Garden. A British soldier armed with a M1 carbine shoots at Germans at a ruined Hartenstein hotel in the Netherlands.

Life goes on. A teacher with school children at a destroyed Stalingrad. March 1943.

Germans move into Poland. September, 1939.

A curious Red Army soldiers looks at an abandoned German 1918 model, 210 mm gun. Stalingrad. 1943

Greece. May 1941. An Italian and a German soldier with the Parthenon in the background.

Winston Churchill at the entrance of the Livadia Palace during the Yalta Conference in 1945.

A Soviet sniper with a SVT-40 rifle at the Volkhov Front during the Siege Of Leningrad (1941-43)

September-October, 1939. Polish POW receive soup.

A Soviet T-34 tank on the streets of Prague. May 1945.

1940. Norway. British POW walk on the streets of a Norwegian city.

A German soldier sits atop a house in Stalino (Now Donetsk, Ukraine)

The formidable German fighter Focke-Wulf 190A-0 during test in 1941.

German soldiers near the Austrian town of Auland. May 2, 1945

1944. Two Waffen SS soldiers approach a hut in the Soviet countryside.

American soldiers peer through binoculars as they approach the coast of Iwo Jima. February 20, 1945. The mountain visible is Mount Suribachi, an extinct volcano.

Eastern Front. WW2. German soldiers at the graves of fallen comrades.

German propaganda poster in occupied Smolensk, Soviet Union during WW2.

Germans occupied this Soviet government assembly building in Smolensk, Russia.

Smolensk, Russia again. A cemetery for dead German soldiers.


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