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Brutal Second World War: NAZI BESTIALITY: Buchenwald concentration camp

The "Walzkommando" in Ravensbrück: the punished women had to pull this roller until they died...

Found in the pathology block of Buchenwald: tattooed and tanned skin, two shrunken heads of russian POWs, a lampshade made of human skin...

A "souvenir" made by the SS: the shrunken head of a Russian POW...

Thousands of inmates, especially Soviet POWs, were murdered in the infirmary by lethal injections, whereas others were the victim of medical experiments, especially many who were contaminated by the typhus bacillus.


This harrowing documentary relates the horrific day-to-day life for those imprisoned at the infamous Nazi concentration camp Buchenwald during Hitler's planned exterminations.


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