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LTTE end near, Sri Lanka will have to empower the Tamils else.....

The end is near for the LTTE one of the most ruthless terror groups in the world. Some call them valiant freedom fighters. Problem is they became perverted. LTTE is a monster which is born when some people are subjugated by the majority of the country.
A Sri Lankan soldier is seen in the jungles of the Puthukkudiyirippu area. The determination of the Lankan army and its superior numbers and fire power won the day for it.
A determined Lankan soldier.
A Sri Lankan soldier keeps watch during a patrol in the jungle in the Puthukkudiyirippu area
Sri Lanka soldiers cross a lagoon in an armoured vehicle in Challai
A Sri Lankan soldier stands near a tank as it fires a shell at Puthukkudiyirippu
An injured Tamil girl cries while she waits for treatment at the Pulmudai temporary hospital in Trincomalee, about 257 km (160 miles) east of Colombo. The Lankan government will have deal the Tamils with respect and equality. If the LTTE defeat is celebrated as a Sinhala victory, very soon another LTTE will be born.
Sri Lankan government soldiers stand with their weapons near the town of Putumatalan located at the 'No Fire Zone' in northern Sri Lanka April 24, 2009.
In this handout photograph released by the Sri Lankan navy on April 21, 2009 shows what the military says is thousands of people fleeing an area by boats from a beach controlled by the Tamil Tiger separatists in northeastern Sri Lanka.
A Sri Lankan government soldier wearing a face mask and goggles rides in an armoured personal carrier on the outskirts of the town of Putumatalan located near the 'No Fire Zone'

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