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Sri Lanka will have to treat Tamils as equals and with respect

The LTTE (or the leaders who are alive) has accepted defeat. The Sri Lankans are in a euphoria.
But the LTTE alone did not represent the Lankan Tamils. Far from it. There is a big Tamil population around the world that will not forget the way Sri Lankan army went about finishing off the LTTE not caring a damn about the Tamil civilians.
The Tamil population has suffered greatly. Both the LTTE and the Sri Lankan army have acted equally ruthlessly. After the boom of the guns die down, these images will continue the country. It will create perhaps more LTTEs if Rajapksa does not act like a far-sighted statesman.
Rajapaksa now has to quickly. More powers and autonomy has to be devolved to the Tamil areas. Tamil language should be treated equally as Sinhala. Discrimination against the Tamils should be made punishable under law.
Otherwise the present victory will prove to be meaningless.
If the Tamil grievances are not addressed properly, many more LTTEs will rise in the future.
Actually these Sinhala have nothing to celebrate about. LTTE was created because of Sinhala discrimination against the Tamils. Sri Lanka will have to assimilate its minority with respect and treat them as equals. It could learn a lot from India on how to treat minorities.

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