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Bermuda Triangle involved in Air France flight 447 disappearance?

The Brazilian air force has detected some debris of the ill-fated Air France Flight 447 in the Atlantic Ocean. Nothing else has been found yet. Only when the ships reach the area can one hope of detecting the debris of the plane in the ocean bottom.
For the passengers and crew of the flight it was a horrible end. A storm was raging in the area then. Some say it was struck by lightning. But to die in the deep depths of the huge ocean sends shivers down the spine.


The Atlantic Ocean is very deep in that particular stretch. Finding the wreck and bringing it up will be very difficult if not impossible. Even divers cannot go that deep. What will be needed is a deep ocean probes.

A weather picture of the area where Flight 447 disappeared. Pilots and mariners say that area is very dangerous with strong winds and storms that stretch upto 18000 feet.

A streak of oil allegedly from the doomed airplane.

Many say the disappearance has something to do with the Bermuda triangle. This seems unlikely as the area is far away from the Triangle. But who knows. We will know more as the search progresses.

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