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Dramatic Moments Of War Caught On Film!

This post is a montage. Different wars are the background. The common thread through all the pictures is that they are all dramatic.

US soldiers die in sniper fire in Iraq


U.S. Soldier Shot by Iraqi Sniper

FIRST WORLD WAR: A trench is hit a second time and the remaining German soldier flies in the air to his death

An American soldier casts a side ward glance at a fallen comrade, a look that reveals more than words can say. Tay Ninh, South Vietnam, June 4th, 1967

The Battle in Monrovia, early 1990s

A Colombian soldier wounded by an IED (Improvised Explosive Device) planted by FARC rebels lies alongside his dead friend while medics attach splints to his shattered legs.

 A mother and child moments before they were killed. Vietnam. 1967. Quang Ngai province. Sixth months before My Lai (Image by Jones Griffiths)


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