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Many Faces Of Men Of The Wehrmacht

1 comment:

INAZHKAMsuomi23 said...

The soldier in the 2nd photo is Waffen-SS - not a part of the Wehrmacht. You can see part of the SS stiching on his lapel above the hilt of his knife.

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On August 23rd 1942, 330,000 men of the German 6th Army smashed through Soviet defenses outside the city of Stalingrad. For 162 terrible days the Soviet defenders of Stalingrad make the Germans pay in blood with savage hand to hand combat in a maze of ruined factories, shops and apartment blocks. Outnumbered and outgunned the Red Army suffer appalling losses, but by clinging to their positions they draw the Germans into a trap from which there will be no escape. For the first time, extraordinary aerial reconnaissance photographs actually taken during the course of the battle are combined with the latest in computer technology to create a 3D model of the city. With archive film, dramatic re-enactments and powerful eye witness testimony, we tell the incredible story of the epic battle that turned the entire course of WWII.

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