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SOME WW2 FACTS.......In 1944–5, five million Germans fled from the eastern parts of the Reich in the face of the Red Army.......... Between 1945 and 1948, post-liberation regimes in Czechoslovakia, Poland, Romania, Yugoslavia and Hungary expelled another seven million members of their German minorities.............Had Stauffenberg's bomb succeeded in killing Hitler, it is unlikely that the military coup planned to follow it would have moved the leading conspirators smoothly into power. ..........Large parts of the army, the SS and the NSDAP would have resisted by force of arms, and a civil war would have been the most probable result. ...........Canada produced more trucks than Germany, Italy and Japan COMBINED..........Germany had total military casualties of 4,429,875 men during WW2. Nearly 80% of these casualties were lost to Russia..........For every aircraft shot down in battle, another aircraft was lost due to a accident..........The Polish Army had broken the German Enigma code prior to being overrun. They were able to send a pre-war cipher (Stolen from the Germans) before being completely taken over.........More Russians died in the siege of one city (Leningrad) than the entire armies of the US and Britain COMBINED..........Stalin killed more people than Hitler during purges of undesirables. Stalin killed a estimated total of 25 million people versus Hitlers 12 million during WW2 (6 Million of which were Jews, during the Holocaust)..........Up until 1940, there was a well established Nazi party operating in the United States. Among the supporters, Henry Ford, was one of the most notable members. He financially backed the party and Hitler himself with several million dollars. This of course ceased when the US become more involved in the war, especially after Pearl Harbor..........When the US declared war on Japan in 1941, there were a total of 1,000 nurses in the Army Corps. By the end of the war there were a total of 60,000 – less than 1% of these nurses were black..........In 1939, Finland was attacked by the USSR, a nation with 41 times the population of Finland. During the war the USSR suffered well over half a million casualties (Khruschev stated at one point his estimate was nearly 1 million casualties) compared to Finland’s 70,000 casualties. This represents the most lop-sided casualties of any large scale conflict in history..........Germany nearly won the war against the USSR. In late 1941, the USSR sent a feeler committee (Beria) to Germany. Stalin was willing to hand over Ukraine along with much of the territory won by the German army till late 1941.......... The feeler committee stated that the Germans believed that the USSR was near collapse and did not want to negotiate terms of peace...........

Christian nun raped in Orissa: Is this the India we want?

Since the last few months, Christians are being systematically targeted in Orissa. Churches have been burnt, tribal Christians have been forced to re-convert to Hinduism and worse of all, a nun was brutally raped.

Sister Meena talks of the rape.

"One of them tore my blouse and others my undergarments. Fr Chellan protested and they beat him and pulled him out from there. They pulled out my saree and one of the stepped on my right hand and another on my left hand and then a third person raped me on the verandah mentioned above. When it was over, I managed to get up and put on my petticoat and saree. Then another young man caught me and took me to a room near the staircase. He opened his pants and was attempting to rape me when they reached there.

I hid myself under the staircase. The crowd was shouting “where is that sister, come let us rape her, at least 100 people should rape.” They found me under the staircase and took me out to the road. There I saw Fr. Chellan was kneeling down and the crowd was beating him up. They were searching for a rope to tie us both of us together to burn us in fire. Someone suggested to making us parade naked. They made us walk on the road till Nuagoan market which was half a kilometer from..."

Is this the tolerant India we boast about all the time? Have we totally forgotten what our eternal father, Mahatma Gandhi, taught us? He had said that he was a Hindu, a Muslim, a Christian, a Sikh, a Parsi. This is what has kept us together for so many years. Not the lunar probes that we send or the numerous acquisitions that Indian companies are making abroad. Tolerance is the basis of our great nation. That is because of this virtue that our glorious religion has taught us, that is what our Father of the nation has taught us.

Tolerance is the key to keep India as one, despite its numerous languages, religions, castes, communities. Gandhiji understood this. It seems we are forgetting this.

By letting Hindu hardliners to burn churches and rape nuns we are in fact breaking the strong roots of India. We are cutting our own legs, so to speak.

Why do those hotheads in Orissa forget that sister Meena (the nun who was raped) is an Indian first, then a Christian. We are raping our own sister. What could be more shameful than this?

Erudite commentators in the media talk of the killing of Swami Lakshamananda by either Christian themselves or by the Maoists instigated by the Christians, that has let hell loose in Orissa. But does this justify what is happening now?

Whoever killed the good Lakshamananada is equally culpable and is no better than the guys who raped sister Meena or broke churches. But aren't they Indians too? Why are Maoists proliferating in many pockets of India. Because we all Indians have failed some where. We forgot the most poor and oppressed in the country. These are the Maoists and their backbone supporters. Maoist violence is not a law and order problem. It is the failure of the Indian state and a failure of all of us that we forgot the misery of the many poor people.

Hindutva followers say the Christians are offering money and jobs to the poor tribals and converting them into Christianity. Haven't we all failed in doing just that to every Indian. If the Christian missionaries are doing that in Orissa, what is the problem. Hindu or Christian, the tribals at least have jobs and food to eat.

The goons who are in the rampage in Orissa should understand this first. Give a job to every Indian first. Make sure first that every Indian has enough to eat every day. Do that first. Then worry about the threat to Hinduism from Christianity. Don't worry about Hinduism. It is too great a religion to be threatened by anything.

The goons who raped sister Meena are not Hindus.


  1. Господа!!!

    Если вы интересуетесь немного политикой, то должны были заметить - эти резкие волнения в странах Африки
    возникли неспроста.

    Есть 2 версии этих событий - "официальная" и "неофициальная", и обе версии скорее уводят в сторону от реальных фактов.
    [b]Версия 1:[/b] Каддафи - тиран и самодержец, стрелял в мирных граждан, поэтому его надо бы убрать.
    [b]Версия 2:[/b] на самом деле Европе с Америкой захотелось немного Ливийской нефти, и они решили навести небольшой "дебош"

    Рассмотрим версию 1.
    Да, Каддафи уже тот ещё старик, ему конечно пора бы и на пенсию. Но известно ли вам, что конкретно в Ливии
    народ имеет весьма высокие преференции при его правлении? Учителя получают под $3.000, выплаты безработным
    порядка $1000 и так далее. Да, он стал укрощать группки взбунтовавшихся бедуинов, но кто-нибудь понимает
    реальные причины этих бунтов?
    Эта версия не выдерживает никакой критики.

    Версия 2.
    Нефть Ливии? Да, она отличается высоким качеством, Ливийская нефть очень чистая. Но её там не так много.
    Да и к тому же, зачем тогда будоражить Египет и прочие африканские государства, которые весь прошлый
    год вообще никого не тревожили и не волновали?! А тут вдруг - "тираны", "изверги" и т.п.

    Да, эта ситуация дополнительно подогрела цены на нефть. Отдельным корпорациям это выгодно.

    Но истина короче.
    Каддафи не так давно начал объединять ближневосточные страны под идеей перейти на расчёт
    за нефть и товары НЕ долларами, НЕ евро, а альтернативой всему этому. И Египет - одна из стран,
    которая это поддержала...

    Подробнее - здесь:

    Однако в популярных СМИ это никогда не скажут.

    P.S. У Саддама Хусейна, кстати, тоже были такие начинания. Вообще, после кризиса ооочень многие
    страны стали задумываться об ИЗБАВЛЕНИИ ОТ ЗАВИСИМОСТИ ОТ ДОЛЛАРА. Рано или поздно
    это произойдёт. ФРС уже некуда понижать ставки.

    Распространите это где сможете. Люди должны знать правду.

    Кстати, это тоже по теме: Великобритания примет участие в военной операции в Ливии, Каддафи, Великобритания примет участие в военной операции в Ливии, гибели, Великобритания примет участие в военной операции в Ливии, военную, Великобритания примет участие в военной операции в Ливии, аэродром

  2. Hi ,my name is Pankaj narayan .I am an orissan although just arrived and living in orissa since 2009.
    During my stay here i have understood the hearts of the local here and the mentality .
    Maximum number of people in orissa are poor and uneducated, due to this people here can be easily cogented .
    I am not taking any1 side but truely judging the fact , and the possibilities i would say ,CHRISTIANS IN ORISSA ARE STILL IN DANGER.
    I hate the mentality of the people i meet and study with evryday,most student here get degree and certificate with ease and since 2year i hav seen just people who are well educated(in the sense of humanity)


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